Do you know the whole story?

Take a look back so you can move forward.


Getting healthy is hard. But it's not because you lack willpower.

The "aha" is waiting for you in the pages of your story. It's time to stop blaming & shaming yourself. It's time to experience hope & encouragement so that you can take small, real life steps toward a healthier future!


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"I've known Heidi for many years. She's one of the best, most trustworthy people I know. She has a genuine passion for reaching people for Christ so that their lives are transformed. This book flows from that heart."
- Bob Merritt, Senior Pastor, Eagle Brook Church


I'm Heidi. An author & health coach.

I know that getting healthy is hard. It's been a lifelong, uphill climb for me too. But in my personal life as a mom and wife, and my professional life as a counselor and health coach, I've discovered some things that work... and some things that don't. So, I wrote a book to share some old truths in a new way.   

I’ve helped hundreds of people make healthy life changes. As a master's level counselor, certified nutrition coach, and personal trainer, I'm trained to help you make changes inside and out with small steps for lasting change.

"It Began in the Garden" delivers my coaching straight to you. 

This is YOUR story... and mine too. It's unique and yet the same. It’s the part of the story that gets missed in all the talk about losing weight, finding the best diet, and knowing what it means to be truly healthy. It’s the part that makes ALL the difference in finally making peace with your life... mind, body, & spirit.


* I am not currently accepting any new clients, so this book is my coaching in the comfort of your own home! 

Understanding your past unlocks a healthier future.

"Heidi's advice is simple and practical, and she writes from a faith perspective that simultaneously clarifies and enriches the "why" behind healthy lifestyle choices. And once we understand the "why," the “how" becomes much clearer. Sometimes moving forward requires looking back."
- Dr. Jim Beilby, Professor of Theology, Bethel University, St. Paul, MN


It Began in the Garden

If you’ve ever struggled to eat well, exercise consistently, or simply love your current day body, you’re not alone. And it's not your fault.

Long before you were born, your story started in a beautiful garden with Adam & Eve and one small decision. That’s where your struggle for physical, emotional, and spiritual health began. But it’s not the end of the story. It’s never too late to write a healthier ending.

All it takes is one small step. You can start today. 


Bob Merritt

- Senior Pastor, Eagle Brook Church

“What you do every day is your life. If you’re not living the kind of life you want, this book offers you the creative, practical tools you need to start living a better life.”

Jo Bender

- Host of Connecting Faith on Faith Radio Network

"We all need a place to start, where self-condemnation takes a back seat to grace. Heidi Zwart leads us to know him as the God who nourishes us, inside and out."

Cindy Mather

- Registered Dietitian

"Reading Heidi’s book was like sitting down for coffee with a trusted friend. The nutrition and wellness advice Heidi shares is spot-on—simple in its approach, but profound in its application."

It’s YOUR time. It's not too late.

Discover hope, encouragement, and practical tips to make fresh choices for a healthier future.

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