Make changes that finally stick.

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use your strengths

build smarter habits

celebrate & repeat

Make changes that finally stick. 

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Have you ever tried to build a new habit?

Making changes that stick is hard.
But it's not a willpower problem. It's a human problem.

✔️  We are distractible.
✔️  We are busy.
✔️  We are tired.
✔️  We are overwhelmed.
✔️  We are indecisive.
✔️  We are forgetful.

The good news is when you know how your brain is wired, you can trade willpower for a smarter way to build better habits and 
make changes that finally stick.

The right coach will help you:

Choose a problem.

Pick one thing in your life you want to change.


Build a smart habit.

Build one small daily habit you can start practicing right away.   


Celebrate & repeat.

Use the momentum to build more smart habits for life.

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Make changes that finally stick by
closing the gap between
your intentions & your actions.


Your strengths and smart behavior design show you how.


Meet your coach


Hi, I'm Heidi. I know how hard it can feel to build new habits. I've spend over 30 years learning the "secrets" of human behavior to help you (and me) make decisions that support a healthy life. 

What I’ve discovered is that change-making has little to do with willpower. It’s about working with our brain’s natural wiring instead of fighting against it. With this fresh perspective & a new approach, we have a better roadmap to make changes that finally stick.

Now, I help people and organizations make changes by infusing a unique blend of strengths-based solutions with smart habit design.

My approach is personal, holistic, creative, and designed to fit into your busy life. While I have a Christian worldview, I invite conversations with anyone who wants to make changes that finally stick.

Heidi's CliftonStrengths Top 5:

Relator, Deliberative, Responsibility, Connectedness, Belief

Look for this "seal of approval" when choosing a professional coach
to assure the highest quality experience.


When you know how to
make changes that
finally stick you:

Improve your physical health 
Build emotional resilience
Lower stress & improve sleep  
Make better decisions  
Reduce anxiety & depression
Nurture your soul
Experience more joy 
Feel you-ier

If you're ready for these changes, I can help.

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You don't need a coach to tell you what to do.

But you might need one to help you do it. 

You already know what you should do.
Unfortunately, your good intentions, and sincere desire to do something, aren't enough. You might need help overcoming the intention-action gap because you're human. It's not your fault. Your brain's wiring works against you sometimes.

A good coach helps you close this gap between what you want to do and what you are actually doing.

A great coach shows you exactly how.   

Tap into your strengths & smart behavior design so that you can 
make changes that finally stick.

 Coaching usually looks like this:

Schedule Free Call 

Grab 30 minutes on my calendar to see if we're a good fit.

Kick-start Change

The most popular option is to meet (virtually) every 2 weeks for 3 months.

Touch-Base Support 

Meet once a month for ongoing strength and habit coaching.

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Partnerships & Collaborations
"What impressed me most about Heidi was her knowledge of behavior change. She understands people and how to help them overcome their own biggest challenges as a result."

Becky Black
Endurance Sports Coach

"Heidi led an incredibly engaging training for our team that helped us better leverage our strengths and talents as individuals, as a team, and especially when working with clients."

Kristen Simon
Training & Development Lead, Restore Health

"With Heidi as your guide, you’ll have an experienced coach to motivate you, and a relatable, trusted friend and counselor to encourage you along the way."

Kristi Erickson
Enneagram Coach

Heidi led a CliftonStrengths workshop for our staff. I could see the lightbulbs of leaders on our team going on as they learned more about themselves & how to lead their teams better. If you have a chance to work with Heidi, do it. You won't regret it!

Brian Beauford
Executive Pastor, Grace Church

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