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Life is hard. Don't do it alone.



Freedom & joy is available right now.

Where would you like to start experiencing it?

Renewing Your Mind

Do you live with blame or shame?

It's not your fault. Understand your past for a healthier future.

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Honoring Your Body

Are you tired of dieting?

Stop dieting and start eating and living better today.

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Filling Your Spirit

Does your life feel unbalanced? 

Feed your spirit for renewal from the inside out with a daily diet of truth. 

Take a Step

I’m a coach.

But I’ve struggled, too.

I’ve been right where you may be today. Stuck.

I struggled with anxiety and depression (and still do sometimes). And I wasn’t on the path to a healthy future. I wasn't experiencing much joy in my life or peace with my body, so I took a step in a better direction.

But getting unstuck wasn’t a one time decision. I have to keep practicing healthy habits. Every day.

Now, as a professional coach, counselor, personal trainer, and author, I've helped hundreds of clients make healthy life changes, too.


Here’s what a few of them have to say...

Kathy Borowy

"Heidi excels as a coach in fitness, nutrition, and wellness and in general with “living your best life!” She is a subject matter expert, genuine in her interactions, practical in her approach to suggesting goals and tactics, and inspiring.”   

Cheryl DaSilva

"Having the opportunity to work with Heidi was nothing short of life changing. Her well-rounded guidance and nutrition counseling, coupled with a down to earth approach, allowed me to succeed in my weight loss journey after many years of failed attempts."

Kelley Hayes

"Heidi really took the time to listen to my personal story and helped me create my own nutritional plan based on 'me' vs. handing me a 'generalized plan.' With Heidi, I was also able to instill new habits, which I never thought was possible."

Getting healthy is hard.

And it's not your fault. But you can take small steps, right now, for big impact. Heidi's new book, "It Began In The Garden" will show you how.

Through stories, humor, and dozens of practical tips, these pages will help you discover hope, encouragement, and resources for making fresh choices that will lead to a healthier future. Welcome to your new beginning.


If you're ready to:

  • Make small daily changes for big impact
  • Release the blame and shame that have kept you stuck
  • Have a “good enough” relationship with food 
  • Embrace life beyond the scale     
  • Live at peace with your body 

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Discover hope, encouragement, and resources for making fresh choices that will lead to a healthier future. Welcome to your new beginning.