Helping women who are at a crossroads
take the next step with confidence & clarity.

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Helping women who are at a crossroads take the next step with confidence & clarity

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Overcome decision fatigue with the help of your strengths.

When you have more confidence and clarity in who you are and how you're wired,
the next step is so much easier.

Start with a simple talent assessment.

CliftonStrengths has already been trusted by over 24 million people to help them thrive at work & life.


Get crystal clear about how you're wired.

Narrow your choices by saying "yes" to the things that give you energy and "no" to the things that deplete you.

Make better decisions with confidence.

Work better, feel better, and live better when you align your decisions with your values, strengths, & gifts.

Good decision-making happens when
your strengths & habits collide.

Strengths give you confidence & clarity to move forward.
Habits turn your decision into action.

When you're at a crossroads you may be asking:

✔️  Do I or don't I... 
✔️  Should I or shouldn't I... 
✔️  Can I or can't I... 
✔️  What if I... 
✔️  Who am I to... 
✔️  Am I capable of... 
✔️  How can I... 
✔️  Is it even possible to... 
✔️  I don't know how to... 

If you're wrestling with these questions 
I can help you find clarity.

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Being at a crossroads can be confusing, overwhelming, exciting, or a crazy mix of all of it.

Crossroads make decision-making hard. 

Whether you're facing a decision about work, your health, or a life transition, having more confidence and clarity in who you are and how you're wired makes the next step so much easier. 

That's why I help you tap into your natural sources of energy & unique decision-making powers so that you can take the next step... and the next.

My mission is to help others know and use their strengths to build healthy habits so that they can experience whole life wellbeing. 

With the help of a trained coach & a fresh perspective you will:

Be Braver

Face the challenge & identify the roadblocks that are making you feel indecisively stuck.

Be Stronger

Unlock the powerhouse combo of strengths & habits to make your next step so much easier.

Be You-ier

Take the next step with more confidence & clarity so that you can fully be who you were meant to be.

Let's Talk!

Hi, I'm Heidi!


For over 25 years, I've helped people and organizations make healthy changes by infusing strengths-based solutions with habit design to make change stick.

I integrate counseling, consulting, and coaching to help people & teams make better decisions for holistic wellbeing. I bring creative problem-solving and keen listening to conversations for an approach that is realistic, action-oriented, and designed for your busy life.

I am the author of, It Began in the Garden, a faith-based look at our shared struggle for physical, emotional, and spiritual health, available on Amazon.

Heidi's CliftonStrengths Top 5:

Relator, Deliberative, Responsibility, Connectedness, Belief

Look for this "seal of approval" when choosing a professional coach to assure the highest quality experience.

"Heidi led an incredibly engaging training for our team that helped us better leverage our strengths and talents as individuals, as a team, and especially when working with clients."

Kristen Simon
Training & Development Lead, Restore Health


"What impressed me most about Heidi was her knowledge of behavior change. She understands people and how to help them overcome their own biggest challenges as a result."

Becky Black
Endurance Sports Coach


Heidi led a CliftonStrengths workshop for our staff. I could see the lightbulbs of leaders on our team going on as they learned more about themselves & how to lead their teams better. If you have a chance to work with Heidi, do it. You won't regret it!

Brian Beauford
Executive Pastor, Grace Church

"With Heidi as your guide, you’ll have an experienced coach to motivate you, and a relatable, trusted friend and counselor to encourage you along the way."

Kristi Erickson
Pastor, Writer, Enneagram Coach

When you have more confidence & clarity in who you are
& how you're wired, the next step is so much easier. 

Start moving through your crossroads today!

Get instant help with this FREE resource to learn how your CliftonStrengths give you a unique advantage when you face important decisions.

If your team is at a crossroads, strengths-based decision making can help you, too.


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