The Power of Community (or Why It Takes a Village)

relational wellbeing
relational wellbeing

Community. This singular thing for which we were created evokes a strange mixture of complicated joy, fear, and pain. But, when you harness it’s power, you can do the unimaginable. 

Most of you probably know by now that I recently released my first book

But what you may not know is I didn’t do it alone. 

Even the first draft wasn’t really a solo act. I relied on the teaching and wisdom of trusted pastors, leaders, and friends. Notes I’d collected over a series of months and learnings of a lifetime.

I wrote the words, but I was fed by others. Many collaborators who were unaware of their critical contribution to a God-driven project. 

I sat alone in front of the screen. But we “wrote” together. 

The power of community.

With a deep breath, I shared the first draft with a few trusted friends. People I knew would tell me the truth and, hopefully, make my words better.

They did.

Not only did I strengthen the message by eliminating some barriers, but an entire chapter was added after this “beta round” of edits after a soul-feeding phone call from one of these readers.

The power of community.

I enlisted an editor and a publishing company to help with the tactical steps of getting this book to print. Cover design, interior layout... and more editing.

They took this newbie author and guided me step by step through the entire process. They made it easier.

The power of community.

Then it was time for a scary ask. I needed to enlist a “street team.” Friends and supporters who were willing to work alongside me in the marketing and promotion of this project.

Not everyone said yes.

But those who did gave me invaluable feedback in the final stages of getting the book to print. They offered words of encouragement and support after getting the first peek at the finished book

The power of community.

And, of course, the stories shared in the pages of this book are a compilation of mine and others. A few brave souls were willing to reach out, ask for help, and strip away pieces of their lives, providing the inspiration and drive to help others (including you) who share the same life struggles. 

The power of community.

So, you see, this book was a collaboration. It was written in the solitude of my own home, but I couldn’t have written it alone.

It took a village. 

The power of community taught me five valuable lessons:

  1. We are more creative together. 
  2. We define who we are and what we believe together.
  3. We are stronger when we share our weaknesses.
  4. We are braver when we see past fear.
  5. We improve our mental, physical, and spiritual health through relationships. 

And whether you were a beta reader, a street team member, or a subscriber to this blog, I needed you. I still need you as we expand and explode the reach of this book to all those to whom God wishes to speak.

Most importantly, I thank you. From the bottom of my heart. I pray that through It Began In The Garden, God speaks to you in exactly the way that’s meaningful to you so that you can live a healthy future. 

Thank you for challenging me, encouraging me, supporting me, and guiding me. I just typed.

The power of community wrote a book.


Question:  What have YOU accomplished that would not have been possible without the power of community?

Make changes that finally stick. 

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