I'm Heidi.

I help women build a healthy mind, body, & spirit. 

In my mid-30’s, I was stuck. I wasn’t on the path to a healthy future. I was struggling with anxiety, depression, and weight. So I took a step to change my life, but getting unstuck wasn’t a one time decision. It's still a daily decision to live just a little bit better. 


I use my master’s degree in counseling, along with my certifications in nutrition and personal training to help others get unstuck, too.

I've helped hundreds of men, women, and even churches make healthy changes using a personalized, habit-based approach. 

My Christian faith is tightly integrated in my work. But regardless of where you are in your spiritual journey, I welcome you to explore your life from a fresh, new perspective. It just may be the key to unlocking everything!


I wrote a book for you.

After coaching hundreds of people who were feeling stuck in their body and life, I felt God nudging me to share their stories... and mine. Though each of our stories is unique, it’s also the same. Our shared struggle began in a beautiful garden long before we were born with Adam & Eve and one small decision.

But it’s not the end of the story.

Through stories, humor, and dozens of practical tips, this book will help you make fresh choices for a healthier future.

It’s your time to write a healthier ending. 


"Biblically based for true transformation inside and out. A refreshing and realistic approach towards a healthier future!"

Amazon Reviewer

"Heidi's conversational tone is easy to read, even when I felt like she was telling me something true but hard to hear! Change comes hard sometimes, and I like the way she weaves important perspective with tips about how to improve."

Amazon Reviewer

"Great small group study!"

Amazon Reviewer

Kind Words From The Professionals

Morgan Rotz

- Regional Nutrition Coordinator, LifeTime Athletic

"Heidi is a true health professional with her natural expertise in coaching and behavior change. In a culture full of cheap, quick-fix nutrition falsehood, Heidi is a gem!"

Becky Black

- Triathlon Coach

"What impressed me most about Heidi was her knowledge of behavior change. She understands people and what makes them tick and how to help them overcome their own biggest challenges as a result."

Adam Feit

- Master Class Coach, Precision Nutrition

"Heidi has consistently sought her own personal and professional growth, while still retaining humility, wisdom and compassion. Working with Heidi will not only bring you better health, but a better life to fully enjoy for years to come."

A Healthy Way To Start Your Day.

Daily inspiration for busy women. Infuse your day with bite-sized truths that will inspire, encourage, and prepare you for your day ahead. 


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