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A Behind the Scenes Look at it Began in the Garden

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It Began in the Garden

What's on your bucket list? Climbing a mountain? Skydiving? Running a marathon? One of my own ambitions was much tamer. And I'm getting ready to cross it off my list. But it didn't come easy.

I'm prepping my sharpie for some scribbling! In just a few short weeks, my first full-length book will be available in print. Hooray! 

This "adventure" may not be a remarkable physical feat, though my neck, back, and butt may say otherwise after hours of sitting, sitting, and more sitting. But it has unquestionably has been a mental feat. 

Can I be honest?

If you ever want to test your ego, write a book. 

The hours spent sifting through your story and reading words you've poured out can be challenging for even the most self-confident, seasoned writer. But, add just a little bit of self-doubt to the equation and the title of "newbie" and be ready for a trip down a long spiraling staircase of fear and ego-depletion.

Writing is a deeply personal experience. Even if you're not writing your own stories about your own struggles. Like any creative art form, it's an expression of who you are and what you believe. And some won't like what you share. 

That's the fear.  

And, as the words spill out and they include personal stories and experiences, it's easy to think, "who cares?" The more the words are edited, edited, and edited, the more irrelevant they seem to be. The more self-doubt kicks in and perfectionism finds its home. 

That's the ego depletion. 

Satan loves this. He slithered right up to my ear and hissssssed persistently during the year I was writing this book. He doesn't like my message.


I call him out for his role in the Garden. I warn you that he's still at work today. And I equip you to defeat him.

He's angry. So he does what he does. He attacks the messenger. 

But what he conveniently forgets is this. He can't win.

Sure, I lose a few battles here and there. He gets into my head sometimes. But, I'm surrounded by people who have been praying for me for a really, really long time. I have a great cloud of witnesses who sought God's guidance in my life and in my words. He won't win the war. 

And most of all, the Holy Spirit has been the guiding force behind this since the start. He nudged and wiggled me and whispered to me for a month (or more) before I finally typed my first words. He prompted me so strongly that I felt it would have been complete disobedience to not write this book. So I finally did. 

Ironically, I began this book during the busiest season of my adult life... while working a 45+ hour per week job. But on my one day off, I wrote.  

It's been a humbling, soul-searching, relationship deepening experience with God. My prayer has been and continues to be, that if you read this book, you will hear His heart through the words He's given me. 

If you're not sure if this book is for you, I'm providing a free downloadable chapter (link below) before the full-length release later this spring. Once you read the opening, I have no doubt you'll know if you should keep reading...

In the meantime, if you feel prompted I'd appreciate your prayers as we move into final stages of production and book release.

I'd rather battle the hissssssing together.